All example workspaces are located in applications folder. Many of them also depend on service addons.

You can easily merge all example workspaces and upload the merged workspace into tooling by running node tools/buildMaruskaAndUpdate.js command. The result workspace well be called maruska_v2

ClientV2 as an embedded chat window

<iframe src="/#compact_mode=true&compact_switch_enabled=false" style="position:fixed;bottom:0px;right:5%;width:300px;height:400px"/>

The meaning of configuration used in the url:

Passing messages between the page and the embedded client

To interact with the conversation in the client iframe use the cross-document messaging.

Sending message to the chat:

document.getElementById("chat_iframe").contentWindow.postMessage('Hello!', '*');

Reacting to a message recieved in chat:

window.onmessage = function(e) {
	document.getElementById("response").innerHTML =""); // display the text ot the message
	console.log(; // log the whole response

See the working example page.


Demo workspace: applications/joke-children.json. This workspace is in nested children lists format.

Example trigger sentences

This application uses Joke service


Demo workspace: applications/weather_demo.json

Example trigger sentences

This application uses Weather service

Time and Date

Demo workspace: applications/time_test.json

Triger sentences

What is for lunch

Demo workspace: applications/lunch_test.json

Triger sentences:

This application uses Presto menu service

Stock market

Demo workspace: applications/stols_demo.json

Triger sentences:

This application uses Stocks service

Name days

Demo workspace: applications/namedays_demo.json

Example trigger sentences

This application uses Name days service