1. Create a Bluemix account. Sign up in Bluemix or use an existing account. Watson services in beta are free to use.

  2. Download and install the Cloud-foundry CLI tool.

  3. Fork repository https://hub.jazz.net/project/tmacek/clientv2t/ or unpack zip the folder of a choice

  4. Edit the manifest.yml file and replace <application-name> with a unique name for your copy of the application. The name that you specify determines the application's URL, such as <application-name>.mybluemix.net.

- services:
  - dialog-service
  name: <application-name>
  command: node app.js
  path: .
  memory: 256M
  1. Connect to Bluemix by running the following commands in the command-line tool:
$ cf api https://api.ng.bluemix.net
$ cf login -u <your-Bluemix-ID>
  1. Create the Dialog service in Bluemix by running the following command:
$ cf create-service dialog standard dialog-service
  1. Push it live by running the following command:
$ cf push
  1. Add your DIALOG_ID and restage the app:
$ cf se <application-name> DIALOG_ID <dialog-id>
$ cf restage <application-name>

If you don't have a dialog_id you can create one using the dialog-tool