There are two places where configuration is possible. Browser side configuration in config tab and server side settings in config.json file.

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Browser side configuration

You can configure various service credentials and GUI customizations in Config tab.

Any keys, present in Config tab can be set also by hash part of url. Notation: #firstKey.subkey=text+value&second_key=another+value

The basic setup of connection to your conversation service instance is covered in getting started section.

Alternatively, you can omit username and password and use one of the few dedicated keywords for the predefined accounts. Publicly supported is currently only primary which refers to the account where shared examples of the dialog are stored. It is configured as follows.

  "url": "primary",

Configuration keys

Url only configruation keys

This fields can only be set in URL and they are never saved as they are meant to have immediate effect only. Their main purpose is to be included in URL of iframe while embedding client in another page and in similar situations.

Configuration is saved as base64 encoded cookie at the moment of pressing reload button.

More configuration is introduced by addons.

Server side configuration

You can set most of the parameters for running clientv2 in configuration pane as described above. An exception is the COM port of the hardware which can be optionally connected to a local instance of clienv2 and location of talking head, and also list of addons. The COM port is provided from command line when starting clientv2 (e.g. node app.js com40) or in configuration file config.json located in the main clientv2 directory and containing e.g.

    "hardware": {
        "startup_cmd": null // provide path to your masha_emb.bat to start TH automatically

More configuration can be introduced by addons.


Addons are plugged by placing them in client_add_on folder. Addon present in client_add_on folder can be disabled in config.json by adding {... "addon_file_name":{"enable":false}, ...}.